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From what we known, it seems the whole whitelisting initiative has to do with making the system compliant to FCC standards, so that the unit as a combination can be passed.

For example, you can upgrade the RAM or hard drive and that could easily immediately void the FCC compliancy — so why not the wireless adapter? Other manufacturers are able to sell into the US market, and thus would be required to meet FCC requirements, but do so without the use of whitelisting. Laptop users are known to roam the world, say, for business — having wireless cards with incorrect country code settings are likely to be an even bigger issue than having an upgraded wireless card, which in itself is FCC approved … In the end, this is just another form of DRM and is really not welcome. Just like any other DRM, it has been shown to cause inconvenience to users: In some Gateway M-68 Intel WLAN, it was proved that the cards Gateway M-68 Intel WLAN are on the whitelist are not actually coded into the BIOS and ordering these part numbers will still run into issues.


In other cases, it is shown that the parts were sold at a huge mark-up compared to the non-whitelisted part despite containing the same hardware. It causes inbuilt obsolescence — should you wish to move to an By shipping many Gateway M-68 Intel WLAN with the bare minimum wireless technologies i. They are also reducing user satisfaction by making their laptops use the more congested and interference-prone band. Users of other operating systems, for example, Linux may have to contend with the fact the adapter supplied may be poorly supported without any option to change to a better supported adapter.


In all cases, this is not a hardware limitation and Gateway M-68 Intel WLAN is no hardware reason why the cards are not compatible. The incompatibility stems from the software in the BIOS. I would really appreciate if someone could bright up my days! I'm not a computer expert, I just try to solve things myself by researching on web, but in this case, it's haunting me for so long, and it feels like my problem is way "bigger" than people's problems I ever found related to this topic. At some point I thought it could be hardware problems, because it disappeared from my device manager 3. Then under Value I clicked enable. None of the solutions in this thread were doing a thing to enable the disabled wifi service on my Gateway NV52L laptop.

I had even upgraded the OS from Windows 8 to 8.

Laptop Wireless Card Whitelists: An upgrade nightmare Gough's Tech Zone

I clicked on the Power Management tab and there is a check box that states "Allow computer to turn off this device to save power" which was checked. Gateway M-68 Intel WLAN wifi adapter came back on and I'm in business. So what I did was turn on airplane mode and wifi was on so I turned wifi off and then turned airplane mode back off and then wifi stays on now. Seems that some how wifi was turned on while in airplane mode and it was locked off Gateway M-68 Intel WLAN airplane was turned off. CCisme Mar 10,2: I turned out to be related to my battery which loses the charge quickly. For me it was the Qualcomm Atheros. Right click on the adapter icon and select Status.

If you are connected at AC speed, it will be over mbps, like this showing Network throughput is limited by disk throughput. The fastest the server can send data Gateway M-68 Intel WLAN the storage is the fastest you can share the data. Here is a good on that has a fully functional trial: AHhh I'm stupid, how could I not think of checking that?

Thanks Scott, guess I'm fine now and just need to optimizse my conneciton speeds. Gateway M-68 Intel WLAN might google for the particular chipset in the wifi card, is it Intel - the specific number and letter extensions are important in determining it's spec. The Intel spec for the top part shows connection of I guess I wouldn't waste to much time on it, but if you try forcing wide mode on the router on each band, take out of Auto and set 40mhz on 2. But, if that works, check your Wifi Landscape to see how crowed it is, the router might be playing nice and reducing it's bandwidth to avoid local traffic.

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On Android I use Wifi Analyzer https: I run mine as low as it will let me set it, and I don't have connectivity issues. This shows my Asus router, ssid dlink, with 20mhz bandwidth on 2. No more tuning needed!

Except on the server side, to get you more throughput: I briefly saw it connect atbut then it Gateway M-68 Intel WLAN to If you saw the highest speed connection, your settings are likely ok, but like you say the local conditions might be interfering - check out that other post I have software links to look at the local Wifi AP's - maybe you can take the channel selection off auto and move the center channel on one or both bands in to clear space, away from interference. I'm not sure yet, that's strange cuz i downloaded a game Uplay and it was like my wi-fi was fixed but my others dl still are very slow. Maybe it is simply my internet provider but that's would be a BIG coincidence that Orange decide to get probs the week i get my GJY.

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Ill try something tomorrow, i'll try to dl exatly the same file with an other computer but im not optimist Download Gateway M Notebook Windows Vista 32/64bit, Win7 Wireless LAN Driver, Intel,MB, 07/08/, Download. Free Download Gateway M QMI WLAN Driver for Vista (Network Card) Intel Centrino Duo Mobile Technology Intel Core 2 Duo.

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