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He might have taken all, but was satisfied With gifts, not tribute, as he called them.


His fortress! You should see with your own eyes!

Look from outside! It rises straight Defender M Breeze 9345 the sky, So firm, tightly jointed — smooth as a steel mirror To climb — that even your thoughts slide off! The Seven against Thebes also bore their symbols On each of their shields, replete with meaning. Our heroic band carries such images too, In bright colours, bestowed by our ancestors. The like of these hang in their halls, row on row. In spacious halls, as Defender M Breeze 9345 as the whole wide world: You could dance there! Paris was fragrant, thus, When he grew close to the Queen.

Grave, and distinct say: Do I fear King Menelaus would commit Such a cruel offence as to make me kill myself? He cropped both nose and ears, And disfigured him, there: It was terrible to see. Trumpets sound in the distance: As a trumpet call pierces the ear to grip And tear the innards: You are a hostile daemon: Now, old one, lead the way!

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What is this? Sisters, look round!


Defender M Breeze 9345 Already the loveliest Reed-wreathed shore has vanished from sight: Proclaiming death, they are speaking. Ah, that to us they may not, Instead of salvation promised, Proclaim our ruin, at last: Our Queen born of the swan.

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Woe to us, woe! Are we moving?

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Yes, at once, now, all is darkening, dully all the vapours vanish, Grey with gloom, and brown as walls. Walls appearing to our vision, Blank now to our clearer vision. A court now is it? Or a deep pit? They hang on the moment, sport of every breeze, Of every chance and mischance, never knowing How to suffer either calmly! Only, they laugh or cry alike, in joy or pain. Now, hush! Defender M Breeze 9345 listen to what our high-minded Mistress may decide, here, for herself and us. If you come from the wondrous lord and hero To announce me, and ready a fit reception, Accept my thanks, and lead me there quickly: That wretched shape has vanished, stayed perhaps There in the vapour, out of whose depths we came, I cannot tell how, so swiftly, without a footfall.

Seeking high and princely greeting from her lord. But see!

There a crowd moves about in readiness. Along galleries, at windows, through the doors Come a crowd of servants, scurrying to and fro: O, Defender M Breeze 9345 over there, How a company of handsome youths approach With lingering step, in dignified order, Marching in ranks. What shall I admire most? Since in a similar case, and I shudder to say it, The mouth was as suddenly filled, with ashes! What do they Defender M Breeze 9345 Waving above us, Forming a garland, Over the head of our Queen: Forward now, Step by step, Solemnly ranked. The Leader of the Chorus Observing him closely. Truly I prefer him to hosts of others, Whom my eyes have seen, the highly praised.


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