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  • Ricoh CX1 Review and Specs
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  • Ricoh CX1 Digital Camera Review
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They also claim it helps with noise reduction but won't compromise on detail or colour. The Fujifilm works by taking two images at 6Mp and merging the Ricoh CX1 Camera parts of both shots together to make one expanded DR image at 6Mp. The Ricoh does the same process with two images at different exposures to capture highlights and shadow and Ricoh CX1 Camera merges them together. With Dynamic Range off blacks are blacker which I prefer but there may be some detail in between the wheels that I can't see.

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Switching Dynamic Range on balances out the image slightly bringing a little detail out but not as much as Ricoh CX1 Camera expect. The picture looks less punchy. In camera editing boundaries have been pushed and now levels and white balance compensation options have been added for in camera editing. In levels you can boost shadow areas to bring out more detail although I don't see why you'd want to do this if you have a DR function and Ricoh CX1 Camera computer.

It works very well and the ,dot screen means you get a better indication of what's being adjusted. Another new feature is the Pixel output interpolation algorithm which is a process used to prevent whiteout in high contrast images such as skies. It works by collecting information from surrounding pixels and using interpolation to work out the colour of the pixel. A small mode dial is on the top plate and sports the new DR mode. A 7x optical zoom is Ricoh CX1 Camera in the boxy exterior.

Build and handling A metal top plate looks promising but the front and rear casing appear to be made from plastic which Ricoh CX1 Camera a little disappointing. Ricoh CX1 Camera like the screen on the back, it's nice and large at 3in with ,dots giving it a bright and sharp result. It's fast enough to zoom in and out but if you overcook it and need to adjust, the camera will force you to wait until it's focused before actioning anything else.

Ricoh CX1 9.3MP Digital Camera - Black

I'm surprised the flash Ricoh CX1 Camera a higher performer as it can only reach a top end of 3. You can select between auto, red-eye, flash on, flash off and slow synchro. This is useful for night portraits as the flash will light the subject while the slow shutter will burn more light into the background.

Performance Start up time takes just under two seconds and the camera is ready to shoot in a further two which isn't too bad. Continuous shooting has several modes and it's own dedicated option on the mode dial on top Ricoh CX1 Camera the camera.

Ricoh CX1 Digital Camera Review

Pressing menu will bring you into the continuous menu where you can choose from five options that Ricoh CX1 Camera from normal continuous to medium and high speed shooting. To get the relative high speed performance of the sequential shooting, the camera will drop the resolution to an acceptable level for the processor to handle.


For starters, the most unique aspect to this camera is the dynamic range mode. It's designed to help overcome blown out highlights and loss of detail that's common on images that come from compact cameras. On the CX1 it's an interesting process that involves the camera taking two shots and merging them both Ricoh CX1 Camera in-camera to preserve the most detail and dynamic range in the resulting image. The utilitarian rear of Ricoh CX1 Camera CX1.

Ricoh CX1 Review Photography Blog

At least it gets the job done. Ricoh As for the sensor, it's a 9. At the back, you'll also find a 3-inch LCD withdots inside, which means excellent brightness and visibility in bright situations. If you can't see the LCD screen in very bright sunlight, then the camera can also be set to make a sound to indicate a level horizon. It doesn't sound like a big deal in theory, but in practice it really helps to make the horizons in all your wide-angle shots perfectly level. The Ricoh CX1 features an anti-shake system called Camera Shake Correction - turn it on in the Main menu and the Ricoh CX1 automatically compensates for camera shake, which is Ricoh CX1 Camera slight blurring of the image that typically occurs at slow shutter speeds.

Ricoh CX1 review: Ricoh CX1 - CNET

You don't notice that the camera is actually doing anything different when anti-shake is turned on, just that you can use slower shutter speeds than normal and still take sharp photos. Ricoh seem to have realised the importance of this system, as it is turned on by default, and thankfully leaving the anti-shake system on didn't Ricoh CX1 Camera affect the battery-life, with the camera managing over shots before the battery needed to be recharged comparable to the R The face recognition feature offered by the Ricoh CX1 is based on a pretty simple system that only recognises a maximum of 4 faces. Ricoh have also chosen to make it a specific scene mode, rather than a general setting that applies to whichever shooting mode is currently selected, which rather limits its usefulness.

Face recognition does work if the subjects are looking directly at the camera, but the CX1 takes a while to lock onto the subject, and I think that the tried and trusted method of half-pressing the shutter button to focus and then recomposing the shot is a quicker and more reliable method.


Ricoh CX1 Introduction. The Ricoh CX1 is a brand new addition to Ricoh's range of 7x zoom point-and-shoot compact cameras. Ricoh are claiming that the CX1 has a dynamic range of 12 EV, producing images that are much closer to what we can see with the naked eye than most cameras. Ricoh CX1. Latest version of Ricoh's slimline big zoom cameras, the CX1 puts a new generation 9 megapixel CMOS sensor in a Rlike body offering a Ricoh CX1 Camera equivalent zoom range and increasing the screen resolution todots (unusually good for a compact camera).Sensor type‎: ‎CMOS.

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