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Printing support The Phoyo photo booth software can print directly to any type of printer supported by the operating system.

Aiptek Palm Cam 3 in 1 Digital Camera

However, note that inkjet and dye sublimation printers are more suitable for printing photographs. Connected photo booth email Phoyo allows users to send their photos them by email. File transfer support Providing access to the final pictures can be achieved in several ways: The File Transfer feature allows you to configure such custom picture delivery methods. Speaking photo booth software Aiptek PenCam-PalmCam Trio features a vocal user interface that can provide guidance by generating voice prompts.

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Although not mandatory, Aiptek PenCam-PalmCam Trio definitely enhances the user experience. Coin acceptor support Coin acceptors can automatically collect payments using simple coin detection principles. They analyze each piece based mainly on the weight and the size. Phoyo can connect to such devices. Full screen locked down mode The Photo Execution window can occupy the entire display area available on the screen for a more professional look and feel. Over 30 image effects Image effects are algorithms that transform Aiptek PenCam-PalmCam Trio pictures to add an artistic look or simply produce a better picture.

Chroma key, distortion, blur, lighting and many other effects are available in Phoyo.

Template editor Many picture templates are available in Phoyo. You also have the possibility to create new ones by merging images, combining filters, in short by expressing your creativity through the template editor. Video loops GIFs Easily capture stunning endless video loops encoded Aiptek PenCam-PalmCam Trio the popular GIF format and share them on Internet video websites, image websites, Aiptek PenCam-PalmCam Trio. Add funny effects and more. Green screen chroma keying Phoyo allows you to take pictures of people transposed in virtual decors using the chroma key technique.

Aiptek PenCam Trio - digital camera Specs

Identity photographs standard Your photo in an official document passport, identity card, … must meet several standards Aiptek PenCam-PalmCam Trio on your country. Nowadays, all these standards are usually based on biometric passport standards. Phoyo integrates the support of these standards. Lot of customization options In order to adapt effectively to different hardware and offer a user interface appropriate for the context of use, Phoyo provides many configuration options. You press the Aiptek PenCam-PalmCam Trio button to pick the capture mode you want, you press the shutter button to confirm the selection and take pictures.

Aiptek PenCam Trio - digital camera Specs - CNET

There's an internal speaker that emits confirmation beeps. Leave the camera alone for about a minute and it automatically powers down.

The interface is easy to use, since there are only Aiptek PenCam-PalmCam Trio resolutions to worry about, and not much else. You can't erase just one image - it's all or nothing - and you can't review images in-camera, with just a two-character status display.

You get ordinary memory that needs battery backup to retain its storage. The cameras always draw a little current from their two AAA cells; flatten or remove the batteries and you lose the memory contents.


Aiptek include a warning note that says you can only expect two weeks of standby life from a set of batteries in the cameras, which might be true of the cheapo carbon-zinc AAAs that come in the box hey, at least the batteries are included! The cameras draw about Aiptek PenCam-PalmCam Trio. Alkaline AAAs have a capacity of maybe to milliamp-hours mAhso they should be good for hours of standby time - 25 days. If you actually use the camera, of course, battery life drops. The cameras both draw about 50 milliamps when they're on with the memory empty, but the draw rises as you fill the storage, and tops out at more than milliamps with the memory full. Five hours of shooting time wouldn't amaze me, given that you're not likely to be walking around with the camera on when it's memory's full.

You can use rechargeable nickel-cadmium NiCd or nickel metal hydride NiMH cells in the Aiptek cameras as well; if you get good rechargeables, they ought to last about as well as carbon-zinc cells. Aiptek PenCam Trio - digital camera overview and full product specs on g: PalmCam. Ultra slim pen like compact design offers true mobility and freedom. x (p/30) HD high definition video resolution up to 30 fps. 5 megapixels still  Missing: PalmCam.


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