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To configure the network address settings using BootP: The Ethernet MAC address is located on the back of the unit.


See your BootP server's system administrator guide for information about configuring the BootP server. You may verify that the BootP process Avocent CCM4850 Boot successful with a ping command, which tests network connectivity.

The ping command is entered as: If the CCM appliance completes the BootP successfully, you will see a display similar to the following. Pinging Reply from Pinging Request Request Request Request In this case, check the address information provided to the BootP server to confirm they are correct. After the network address settings are configured successfully, launch a Telnet session to the assigned IP address. Then, see Initial CCM appliance login on page 9. Attach a compatible device to the console port. The compatible device Avocent CCM4850 Boot are: For cable and adaptor information, see Device Cabling on page Issue a Server Security co mmand, using the Authenticatio n paramet er to specify the. Use the Encrypt parameter to enable pl ain text T elnet connections.

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If you specify None, you cannot specify a ny other method. When SSH s ession access is. Y ou are prompted to save the information. Enter Y to confirm or N to cancel. T o enable or Avocent CCM4850 Boot authenti cation of console port sessions:. Use the.

Preempt parameter with a value from l owest to highest to co nfigure a preemption value t o be. T o clear stored DSView so ftware authentication credential s:.

Security Vulnerabilities

This clears any st ored credentials. T o display authentication configura tion information:. Issue a Show Server Security command. The display includes the current CCM appliance au th entication settings that were configu red. If Avocent CCM4850 Boot acce ss has been enabled, the display indicates.


Regardless of whether SSH is enabled, th e display includes the authentication method. When the security lock-out feature is enabled, a user account will be locked-out after five. A successful au thentication will reset th e counter to zero. A lo ck-out period of zero di sa bles the feature; that. Avocent CCM4850 Boot locked account will remain locked until the specified time el apses, the CCM appliance is power. A user with.

T o enable or disable security lock-out:. T o enable security lock-out, issue a Server Security comman d, using the Lockout parameter. T o unlock a locked-out user:. Issue a User Unlock command with the us ername.

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Each CCM appliance Avocent CCM4850 Boot port and virtual po rt has a circular hi story buffer Avocent CCM4850 Boot contains the. You may enable the NFS feature. Port history informatio n may be useful. The history buffer begins filling with data recei ved from attached devices upon completion of. CCM appliance initialization, even if no user is connected. When yo u connect to a serial port, the.

You may choose Avocent CCM4850 Boot to display the. When more than 64K bytes of data are sent to th e histo ry buffer, data at the top of the buffer is. As a re sult, the buffer always c ontains the mos t recent.

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The Avocent CCM console management appliance provides secure serial over IP console access. The Avocent CCM port console switch expands Avocent DS Series patented, field-proven KVM over IP technology with secure access to local or remote serially-managed g: Boot. Avocent CCM Serial Console Management Appliance - remote control device overview Avocent CCM4850 Boot full product specs on g: Boot.

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