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There are more cables listed on the Cyclades Host-to-Adapters Page.

DEC, then Compaq, then H. There are Avocent Cyclades KVM Switches cables listed on the Cyclades Host-to-Adapters Page. Devices with DE-9 console ports Cyclades now Avocent makes three DE-9 adapters they call them 'connectors' and one cable, although only two of the adapters come with each new ACS unit.


Some of these devices with DE-9M ports do not want to see the DCD signal on the connection, while other versions of the will require this signal. If the Cisco you have attached a DE-9 adapter to is spewing AT modem commands out the port, Avocent Cyclades KVM Switches got the wrong adapter.

Avocent AMX Series

If you have Avocent Cyclades KVM Switches spare female RJ45 connector, you can make a small, lightweight loopback adapter by making three connections pin 1 to pin 5, pin 2 to pin 8, and pin 3 to pin 6. The male end of the ADB adapter then plugs into the Cisco-scheme port.


Avocent Cyclades KVM Switches Yes, an 8-wire CAT-3 cable would work fine, if you can still find them. Lantronix SCS console servers use the null-modem opposite wiring of the Cisco port. The connection will not work if you put the ADB adapter on the Cyclades end of the cable. The adapter needs to go on the Cisco-device end of the cable. The list also tells you which adapter or cable you will need to connect each device to a Cyclades console server port. Attaching devices to a PC for configuration to Table of Contents When you are deploying console servers, you may still want to have a way to wheel a terminal or a laptop up Avocent Cyclades KVM Switches a machine to check configurations basically, the practical or paranoid among us want to have a safety net, in case the console services fail.

In this case, using modular adapters actually simplifies our job! By connecting all of your remote consoles to console server ports using Ethernet cables, all you need to do to use your laptop for easy configuration is to connect an YFDCE91 ADB adapter to your laptop, and set up a Terminal Emulator package to talk to the serial port of the laptop.

Log Event Assignments - Avocent PS/2 KVM User Manual [Page 41]

Use an Ethernet cable to connect the adapter on the laptop to the adapter on the device that you want to configure. If you Avocent Cyclades KVM Switches to set up a "crash cart", I'd also suggest that you set the serial port speed on all of your consoles to bps, 8-N-1 since is the most common setting. Having a common speed removes one more variable to have to remember during a crisis. When you have successfully configured your device s with the laptop, all you need to do Avocent Cyclades KVM Switches disconnect the cable coming from the adapter on your PC, and reconnect the cable coming from the console server to restore the connection to the console server.

Connecting modems to Cyclades Products to Table of Contents You can connect a "stand-alone" modem to almost any device. Your modem configuration may be affected by the signals available on the Cyclades device port, i.

Attach the YMMOD adapter to the female DB connector on most modems, and use an appropriate length of ethernet cable and another adapter on the host-side, as neededas indicated in the illustrations below. Using DSView 3 management software and integrated power, they provide a complete out-of-band management solution. The ACS series of advanced console servers features a Avocent Cyclades KVM Switches processor platform with dual Gigabit-Ethernet ports for redundancy, optional built-in modem and two and bit PC card options. Other benefits include an internal temperature sensor for device level monitoring, and configurable pin-outs for serial ports.

The ACS series also offers software features to meet the requirements of the most demanding data center Avocent Cyclades KVM Switches applications. Features include automated discovery tools to ease identification of servers, routers, switches or PBX connected to any serial port.

Avocent Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

This saves time at initial configuration and installation. To comply with existing data center network access policy, the ACS console servers provide customizable multiple access levels for secure management. AlterPath OnSite 4 - port serial console server from Cyclades - Discontinued.

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Remotely manage your site with AlterPath 8-port serial console ports - Discontinued. Cyclades offers a complete line of system management tools, console servers, keyboard-video-mouse (KVM) and power. The Cyclades CS is a 16 port console server which simplifies and consolidates access to serial devices with convenient management remotely via an Avocent Cyclades KVM Switches Web interface or at the rack through the local console port. Separate authentication to access ports and console server.

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