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Meanwhile, two cleanly finished buttons are placed at the bottom left corner -- where one is a power button, and under it is another button QNAP TS-559Pro Turbo NAS "Copy". This is to be used with the new USB 3. Having the USB port in the middle of the button looks pretty cool, but you'll sacrifice some usability. Both of the buttons protrudes slightly, so there's a slight chance that someone may accidentally knock the power button. Fortunately, the system will prompt you on the LCD screen to initiate the shutdown procedure after depressing the power button, so it is not really an issue with regards to accidentally powering off the machine. The Enter key, and the Select key.

There's more than sufficient room for more, especially something like a D-pad may greatly enhance navigation.

Fortunately, this screen isn't necessarily used all the time. When on, its LCD screen features a blue backlight; and displays large, clear text in white to contrast with its background.

QNAP TS-559 Pro II Turbo NAS - NAS server - 0 GB Series

The LCD display allows the user to monitor quick information QNAP TS-559Pro Turbo NAS well as easily perform some configuration and maintenance tasks. The system status LED will turn off when the hard disks QNAP TS-559Pro Turbo NAS on standby. Each independent hard drive has its own status LED as well, which are cleverly placed on the system itself, on the black strip near the top of each hard drive tray. This can be seen if you look carefully at the photo above.


The drive status LEDs flashes when there is disk activity, and remains on when it is idling. It turns red if the system determines the corresponding hard drive is in trouble. Over time, I have really QNAP TS-559Pro Turbo NAS to appreciate the sleek industrial look of QNAP's current line of network attached storage systems.


The easy to access drive bays in conjunction with convenience added by the simple LCD screen really added to the overall usage experience of these excellent network appliances on my network. By retaining its excellent design, there is absolutely no learning curve for users who are familiar with using QNAP NAS systems -- it is just plug and play. Why fix something that is not broken? While the QNAP TS Pro II is constructed on a steel frame, its shell that covers three sides of the system is composed of brushed aluminum in gunmetal with a black overtone.

This not only improves heat dissipation due to thermal properties of aluminum, but also makes it look incredibly attractive in my opinion. Sure, for most users, the NAS will be placed in a room where no one will bother spending time admiring your equipment, but that does not mean network appliances have to be ugly! What we have at the back of the system is practically enough ports to more or less resemble a real computer, rather than a simple network storage device as NAS devices are back in the days. The rest of the connection array QNAP TS-559Pro Turbo NAS in a virtually identical configuration; where you are provided with ports for two eSATA devices, and four USB 2.

Of course, most tasks can be done with QNAP's excellent new web interface remotely. A proper fan grille would be better for airflow in my opinion.

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A small opening at the top provides ventilation for its internal power supply's 40mm fan. A vertically oriented power input male connector is logically placed at the top left corner.

Since the power supply unit automatically selects input voltage, there's no need for the old fashioned voltage selector switch. Removing its shell is pretty simple -- simply remove three screws, and slide it out.

QNAP Systems, Inc. TS Pro II - Citrix Ready Marketplace

Notably missing as shown in our photo above is the dreaded warranty seal we have all come to hate, because with the promised user upgradeable memory, you are now given limited access to the QNAP TS Pro II's interior We will show you where the seal went in just a moment. Additionally, you are also no longer forced QNAP TS-559Pro Turbo NAS void your warranty if you need to open the unit just to clean out some dust off its fan. This is one thing I have been pushing for years, and I am glad QNAP finally made this change to their latest product refresh.

There is nothing particularly exciting at the bottom of the QNAP TS Pro II's chassis; what you'll see here are four large legs affixed on top of its steel frame panel. QNAP TS-559Pro Turbo NAS Stand-by Mode This option helps you save power consumption of the NAS by allowing the hard disks to enter standby mode when there is no access within the specified period. Up to 15 schedules can be set. It is the ideal solution for you to create your own websites, e-shops, blogs, content management system CMSwiki, and so on. Surveillance Station - You can connect to maximum 4 IP cameras via the Turbo NAS and set up a video surveillance system with comprehensive monitoring, recording, and playback features. It also supports hot-swap design that a failed member drive of a RAID configuration RAID 1, 5, 6 only can be replaced by hot QNAP TS-559Pro Turbo NAS without turning off the server.

QNAP 8 Bay NAS, QNAP TS Pro. Model Name, TS Pro II, TS Pro+, TS Pro.

TS Pro II Intel Solutions Directory

Target Customer, Business, Business, Business. CPU, Dual-core  Missing: Turbo. Taipei, Taiwan, August 18, – QNAP® Systems, Inc. is pleased to announce its TS Pro II 5-drive Intel® Atom™ based Turbo NAS.

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