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Small piece of software that allows the Operating System to communicate with a device The device is the audio chipset. Audio Sound chipset is ECS P965T-A Soldered directly to the motherboard, and is NO soundcard.


A Soundcard is a sound adapter card, that is plugged into the motherboard. ECS P965T-A it is truly a soundcard, I need the manufacturer's name, and model number of the soundcard. The ECS P965T-A number will be on it.

If it is Integrated Audio we will ECS P965T-A on Some common Input devices are the Mouse, and Keyboard. Some ECS P965T-A Output devices are the Monitor, and Speakers. I am now only slightly better than a hardware novice; this is only my second PC build.

I have three somewhat 'esoteric' operating systems that I wanted to run multiple-boot, Windows NT 4. I am in the process of evaluating a replacement operating system for NT 4. I wanted to build a second PC. I liked the low power consumption, the dual processors, and the relatively low introduction price. With my first build, I decided to go with ECS P965T-A lower-end AMD 64 processor with the idea to upgrade to an FX 60 when prices came down. The Intel solution was inexpensive enough that I could go with a very acceptable and powerful processor with my first buy.

ECS PT-A - - motherboard - ATX - LGA Socket - P Overview - CNET

I spent more than a week researching what components to buy. I ECS P965T-A already decided from my first build that I wanted to individually select the components and I decided to buy from different vendors for several reasons. I wanted to compare new vendors with the components of my first build and I wanted to maximize the amount of mail-in rebate offers I could find. I decided to concentrate on a fast but efficient PC since the processor fit that theme and I use my PC for more than eight hours a day.

See also Playing the Rebate Game for details about the rules you need to know about how to maximize your success when applying for ECS P965T-A. I broke some of my guidelines and lessons learned when I bought the components for the second build. There was a reason for this, although as you will see, with the somewhat expected results. Several of the rules I broke: Buy a motherboard from a top vendor with the features you want. Don't skimp on ECS P965T-A motherboard, but if you can find a board with the features you want from a good vendor at a good price, gopherit!

Don't buy high-end components for some of the components and low-end components for others.

20 Most Recent ECS PT-A Rev B Socket DDR2 Questions & Answers - Fixya

Lower end components are fine if you want to go that route, though you will probably be sacrificing reliability and speed, just try to match up ECS P965T-A lower end components with similar components. I should add Intel to that list if you are buying an Intel processor.

It wasn't on my list of major vendors and my first thought was "what is missing on it" since the old adage 'you get what you pay ECS P965T-A generally holds true in the computer component world. It was only a week or two after the Duo 2 Core release when I decided to do the build. PT-A (VB).


Supports Intel® Core™2 family processor. supporting ATI CrossFire technology; Support Dual-channel DDR2 //; Features PCI-E.


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