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Have you ever wondered how the global OC champion overclocks his motherboards? Multi Thermal Sensor: It provides users the temperature of various parts of the motherboard graphically in ASRock UEFI Setup Utility, so that users may precisely keep track and control of the temperature of each parts of their motherboard when overclockin Timing Configurator: Timing Configurator is a fast Asrock Z77 OC Formula Lucid easy tool that provides users with an abundant collection of subtle DRAM settings for professional tweaking. Internet Flash: First up is XFast RAM where you can create a virtual disk from the system memory to help boost performance for an Asrock Z77 OC Formula Lucid like Photoshop, reportedly by 5x.

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Next is XFast LAN, which states it can lower latency for games by setting the priority of the network traffic higher than other items in the network stack, again by 5x. I think all of these are good features to have on a motherboard of this caliber, if you use them.

I was recently watching the Top Gear American one… bleh! That car screams performance, and ASRock wants you to feel the same way it seems. That said, there is nothing fancy on the front, outside of the car and the OC Formula symbol. Flipping the box over Asrock Z77 OC Formula Lucid see a few of the features and achievements of this board. The features mentioned are the Nick Shih overclock profiles going all the way up to 5.

The accessories are stored below the motherboard. Retail Packaging — Inside Retail Packaging — Inside Asrock Z77 OC Formula Lucid foam Speaking of accessories, this board comes with a typical compliment and perhaps a bit more. Taking it out of the packaging you can see its larger than most boards CEB form factor and is sporting a black real black, not brown!

Download Asrock Z77 OC Formula Lucid Virtu MVP Utility for Windows 7 64 bit

Around the CPU area you can see the large, dual cooling solution both air or waterand fan ASRock has used to keep its power bits cool. Solid gold colored caps a plenty, a total of six fan headers, dual bios, and ten SATA ports are pretty obvious to Asrock Z77 OC Formula Lucid, among other things. Nothing too much to see on the backside of the PCB, although you can see the large cooling solution has a bar placed over the rear to help cool any parts back there MOSFETs.


The first area we will look at is the CPU area and power delivery. This CPU area is a bit more populated than I would like to see for extreme cooling insulation considerationsbut I have seen worse. All forms of Crossfire is support as well as SLI in dual and quad modes.

The power and reset buttons are located at the bottom of the board near the SATA ports. The OC does use simple plastics for these buttons but more of a metallic looking material that blends in perfectly with the rest of the board. And speaking of SATA ports this motherboard contains a total of ten. It goes from Stage 0 to Stage In the screenshot Asrock Z77 OC Formula Lucid is a QR code that will take directly to the manual for further details. This is where these come into play. Highlighting one area of the Rapid OC interface will allow you to use the buttons to lower and higher that particular aspect of the app.

ASRock Z77 OC Formula

Basically it monitors the temperature of Asrock Z77 OC Formula Lucid motherboard in various locations. Just go through the process of eliminating which card it is with the on-screen slider switches. V-Probe We talked about the V-Probe during the layout portion of the review. Formula Drive Formula Drive is a collection of several applications that would include monitoring and overclocking as well as fan controls. No need to shut down and go into the UEFI to change any timing settings. Want to control and adjust your fans when you want. OC Formula Power Kit, - Digi Power, - Dual-Stack MOSFET (DSM), - Multiple Rapid OC, PCIe ON/OFF, V-Probe; Supports ASRock XFastLucid MVP. OC Formula Power Kit, - Digi Power, - Dual-Stack MOSFET (DSM), - Multiple Rapid OC, PCIe ON/OFF, V-Probe, Supports ASRock XFastLucid MVP.

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