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Without ambient noise to cancel, incoming and outgoing audio was on par between the two units—good for a headset, but not up to the level of the iPhone itself, and a little mechanical.

When we turned music on, however, our voice sounded more robotic to our listener. In direct comparisons with the prior Era, the NoiseAssassin 4. The small plastic housing is made to hang from a keychain, with a snap-equipped strap at one end. For people who need to talk a lot on the go, only the freedom of a hands-free Bluetooth headset will do. The trouble is wireless handset makers have traditionally had difficulty delivering excellent call quality along with a practical yet, dare I say, fashionable design. The smallest and most attractive mono headset I've ever laid my hands on, I honestly wouldn't think twice about wearing it in public, even in New York where people tend to be judgmental.

Of course the Jawbone Era won't satisfy everyone. Its short battery life isn't ideal for marathon chatterboxes, and those with big hands might find the device's small button and power switch tricky Jawbone ERA 2014 Headset operate. Even so, the Era's clean audio quality and powerful noise-cancellation are hard to pass up.

Jawbone ERA Actually Makes You Want to Use Bluetooth Headsets

Design The newly redesigned Jawbone Era is, hands down, the smallest Bluetooth headset I've ever seen. The audio-assistant functionality is also easy and entertaining to use. It worked seamlessly when my smartphone was nearby, promptly making phone calls "call mom" and telling me directions when asked. It's compatible with both Siri Jawbone ERA 2014 Headset Google Now.

However, it was slightly less reliable when my phone was in the kitchen and I Jawbone ERA 2014 Headset in the living room, mostly due to obstacles with getting around the lock screen which would set into place. Meanwhile, what started as a basic test to see whether I could get through an episode of a streaming TV show turned into a much longer binge session.

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I was able to still hear conversations around me without ever taking the device out, and it remained comfortable throughout the duration. It was also painless to switch back and forth between music and phone calls via the button. A new Era in handsfree With just a single button on the Era, learning Jawbone ERA 2014 Headset different shortcuts required to make the device work is kind of like learning Morse code - it's Jawbone ERA 2014 Headset to remember a couple, but getting the whole alphabet takes time and practice. There's a short press to receive and end a call, a long press to adjust call volume and multiple presses to start playing music or redial the last number.


Just don't mix those two up, or you'll end up annoying your mother like we did. Jawbone ERA 2014 Headset course, some of these controls are different when you're actually on the phone, which just adds to the complexity. You can customise the controls to some extent through the Jawbone website. For instance, you can opt to make a long press during a call adjust the volume or mute the call Jawbone ERA 2014 Headset.

Or make a long press when idle call a contact or launch Jawbone ERA 2014 Headset phone's voice control feature. Also customisable is the device's voice, which offers battery status alerts and confirms the phone number of an incoming call or contact details of up to 20 of your contacts, after you tell Jawbone which of your 20 contacts you want it to know. It may not be the most efficient system. The device works with the Jawbone app for iOS and Android, but you can't customise the settings without first connecting the Era to your computer, which seems like an unnecessary barrier.

Still, the ability to have a variety of voices talk to you, from the Mobster to the Bombshell - alongside non-English languages - is certainly interesting, although hardly a huge selling point. Sounding off As anyone with even a cursory understanding of speakers knows, audio quality is largely influenced by the size of the speakers. So with a device as small as the Jawbone Era, there's always going to be a question on audio quality.


Jawbone ERA 2014 Headset reckons it has the problem under control with a "unique audio porting system", coupled with the earpiece's design and drivers which pump the sound directly into your earhole. And it mostly works. The speaker is never too loud - it's pumping that sound in directly, so it wouldn't want to be otherwise you'd end up partially deaf - but can occasionally sound a little soft, especially if there's a lot of ambient noise.

The quality can also be a little bit mushy at times. The Era is an HD Voice capable device, so talking across HD Voice networks was fine, but cross the networks and the deficiencies of the tiny speaker become apparent. The other key component of a Bluetooth earpiece is the microphone, which uses new micro-electro mechanical systems MEMS microphones to fit inside the small body, with custom DSP algorithms to make your voice sound nice and clear. The key element of the Jawbone - the thing that separates it from the Jawbone ERA 2014 Headset Bluetooth headsets out there - is the NoiseAssassin technology.


Essentially, it uses the protruding microphone to detect the vibrations in your skin to tell the difference between when you're talking and the ambient noise around you. When it works, it's brilliant.

Jawbone Era (2014)

Jawbone has shrunk its iconic Era Bluetooth earpiece even further, but it's The tiny device is one of - if not the - smallest Bluetooth headsets. The Good The Jawbone Era is astonishingly small, light, and comfortable to wear. The headset boasts excellent noise-cancellation and clean.

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