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The metal finish and orange illumination when pressed is enough of a delight to the eye that I sometimes pressed them not for its function but purely for the aesthetic joy that it brought to me.

From the get go, the Acer Ferrari laptops have always been about form over function. Performance The unit came shipped with Windows XP Professional, which is a bit unfortunate now that Vista is in its full stride, I was expecting this to be Vista pre-installed.

Dads and Grads Buyer's Guide Part I

Anyone who is going to buy one of these will have to pay for the Vista upgrade and that can vary in price since the discounted offer expired at the end of March. As an XP machine however, the Ferrari test drive went very well. General Office productivity with Office worked very well with 1MB documents opening near instantly.


As a business machine, the Ferrari is more than capable of handling these tasks and more with its dual core X2 processor. The only areas where this machine perhaps lacked is in the graphics arena, but this is definitely not something that ultra-portables even try to attempt to compete in. However taking in to account the category that this notebook fits in to, this can be excused. Processing performance is on par with the likes of the Intel Core Duowhich holds true to its nippy and responsive feel. In my iTunes performance benchmark, I was able to rip an 80 minute Acer Ferrari 1000 Notebook ATI Display in about 6 minutes, which is perhaps limited by the optical drive read speed rather than RAM and CPU speed.

With this machine you are limited in performance not by the physical speed of the hardware but by the screen size. At You run out of room with the applications you want in the foreground quicker than you can load them so rarely do you ever get to tax this system when running your day to day applications iTunes, Windows Live Messenger, OutlookWordFirefox. Acer Ferrari 1000 Notebook ATI Display

Shipping with the Ferrari are two different sized batteries. One that fits in with the shape and style of the notebook but offers less operating time, and another that sticks out a bit at the back but extends the operating time. The smaller 3-cell battery managed to last 70 minutes in a general productivity test with the WiFi switched on and the screen on full brightness. This test consisted mostly the use of text based applications such as web browsers, email clients and instant Acer Ferrari 1000 Notebook ATI Display apps.

The larger 6-cell battery managed to achieve 4 hours of use with the same test.

Acer Ferrari and Ferrari Announced

The With really high contrasts, rich colours and vibrant blacks, the display is gorgeous and makes me wish I had one for my MacBook Pro. When using the Acer Ferrari in outdoor conditions, unfortunately I experienced a lot of glare and reflection, but this seems to be the case with most laptop displays until the newer SED-lit displays become more mainstream. Accessories Included in the Acer Ferrari 1000 Notebook ATI Display are the matching styled external dual layer DVD burner and Bluetooth Mouse as well as carrying bags for the notebook and accessories. A Bluetooth VOIP phone is included that slots straight in to the PC card slot, which although is slightly gimmicky could offer VOIP users on the go with a handy alternative to carrying a separate handset with them.

The external DVD drive plugs in via FireWire and is port-powered so no need to carry with you an extra power adapter, not to mention the mess it would have created.

Laptop Specifications: Acer Ferrari Review

The slot-loading DVD writer drive connects to the Ferrari using a full size Firewire adapter cable and is powered from the same source as well, no need for an extra power adapter. The design of the optical drive is decked out in a similar fashion to the main unit with the same materials and same red stripes travelling down the sides. A Bluetooth optical mouse is Acer Ferrari 1000 Notebook ATI Display by a couple of AA batteries.

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Likewise with the optical drive it is designed with the Ferrari emblem, Ferrari-red trim and the same Acer Ferrari 1000 Notebook ATI Display. To top it all of, unlike any other manufacturer on the market today you also get a nice bag to go with it all. I believe the idea is that you keep it in this bag, which is then put in to another bag with the rest of your stuff.

A quick search found a Who is this for" - Turion 64 X2 TL - 2 GB RAM - GB HDD overview and full product ATI Radeon Xpress Included Laptop Accessories.

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