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Do not steal material from this guide. You may contact me by email at: Hate mail, Spam mail, viruses, and all other evil devices shall cause Mr. I'm terrible at writing this section My goal is to provide a guide that is appropriate. I've been trying to watch myself, but hey, sometimes things get through. Reading any guide first before letting your children use it is probably the best safeguard. I permit this guide to be posted only on GameFAQs. Monster and item lists TwinHead 12K AMD PowerNow.

Some enemy groups and locations still missing from the guide. While doing this, I will provide lists and other details that will supplement the walkthrough. At the same time, I try to entertain the reader.


Any suggestions on how to improve this will be appreciated. What does the Lustful Lali-ho do?

TwinHead Drivers

Provides humor to the game! If you don't understand it, simply substitute the words TwinHead 12K AMD PowerNow Magazine' for 'Lustful Lali-ho' and you should get it. In the final tale, you may trade them for Discovery Books, which raise max MP by When do the next chapters come out?

See the next section or the game's manual, which plainly lists the release dates. Also, they are now all released. Where is the best place to farm Adamantite? With an efficient plan, you can run through Kain's in 4 minutes and Rydia's in 8 minutes.

TwinHead 12K AMD PowerNow After you know the floors well and have the boss strategy pinned down, you can do Palom's in about minutes. Lunarians's takes about 5. Palom's has 10 items, so 6. Lunarians' is the clear best. How do I download the other Tales? They don't appear in TwinHead 12K AMD PowerNow Wii Shop! Tales must be purchased from within the game, not on the Wii Shop Channel Q: How do I play the other Tales?

Assuming you've purchased them see the above answerselect "Begin Story" from the game's main menu and select the Tale you wish to begin. Be sure to save it in a different save slot! How do I transfer data to other Tales?


Data is not transfered until you begin The Crystals. At the start of The Crystals, the game will prompt you for which finish data you wish to import. You may select one or no data for each Tale. What things transfer over to the final tale?

All levels and stats, all equipment, all items, and all zeny. Up to 99 of each item combined from amongst all tales is transfered. Ask me more questions, y'arr! European releases occur the Friday after the dates listed. Move your character outside of battle and the menu. Navigate menus 1 Button: Hold down to run faster in non-overworld maps. Cancel out of a menu or submenu. Talk to NPCs or search objects TwinHead 12K AMD PowerNow maps. Accept commands in menus.

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Open the main menu outside of battle. Confirm Band Search when searching for Band Attacks. Hold to run from battles.

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Change the character used to represent your party visual only! Starting out a dozen years ago as an OEM manufacturer of notebook computers, Twinhead has parlayed its huge investments in research and. TwinHead Stylebook 12K VGA DriverTwinHead Stylebook 12K WLAN Driver TwinHead Stylebook 12K WLAN Driver TwinHead 12K AMD PowerNow. Network Card . TwinHead 12K AMD PowerNow Driver 3,

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