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Food commercials have less gender differences ADS PTV-351 voiceover as compared to non-food commercials. Food commercials have less gender differences in primary character as compared to non-food commercials. Food commercials have less gender differences in delivery of end comments as compared to non-food commercials.

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ADS PTV-351 other content variables i. According to some previous studies Browne male dominant advertisements are expected to exhibit higher levels of sound track, activity and aggression, therefore we hypothesize the following: Male-dominant commercials exhibit higher mean soundtrack level as compared to female-dominant commercials. Male-dominant commercials exhibit higher mean activity level as compared to female-dominant commercials.

Male-dominant commercials exhibit higher mean aggression level as compared to ADS PTV-351 commercials. For this purpose, arithmetic means of all the ADS PTV-351 options i. Results Main Product User: Main product user is the person handling or consuming the advertised product in the commercial Browne, In this study, for each of the categorical content variables, the coders while watching each commercial were required to classify their responses into any of the following four categories: Results as shown below in table 4 reveal an overall female dominance in Pakistani television advertisement with respect to main product user favoring the existence of gender discrimination in advertisement.


This female dominance is found in both food and non-food commercials. Findings suggest gender discrimination in food advertisement is less as compared to non-food advertisement, ADS PTV-351 H1 is supported.

The results, apparently, favor the existence of higher female-oriented gender biasness exists ADS PTV-351 non-food television advertisement as compared to food television advertisement. It reveals that gender role is food advertisement is not different from that in non-food advertisement with respect to main product user.

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So H1 is not supported statistically. Our findings contradict Childs and Maher who found males as dominant product users ADS PTV-351 food advertisement, and that male dominance was higher than that in non-food advertisement. Their research focused only on television advertisement targeting children, but in this study, selected sample of television commercials was targeting a diversified range of target audience, and not only the children. Moreover, difference in point of time and research context may provide some alternate explanations for the difference in findings of both the studies. Table 4: Results as shown in table 5 revealed an overall higher male voiceover that existed for both food and non-food TV advertisements. However, a better female representation is found in non-food as compared to food advertisement. Apparently, these results suggest that gender discrimination in food advertisement with respect to voiceover is not less than that of non-food advertisement; rather it ADS PTV-351 found to be slightly higher.

However, there exists no significant relationship between product category i.

Therefore, H2 is not statistically supported and no significant difference in gender of voice over has been found in both the categories ADS PTV-351 advertised products i. Overall results report the existence of gender discrimination with respect to voice over, where males dominate more in both the food and non-food commercials. This trend of voice over suggests that males are expected to be more persuasive and able to communicate easily, that is why, male voice over is ADS PTV-351 to be dominant in Pakistani advertisement.

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Our findings are consistent with a number of evidences available in extant literature including: Furnham ADS PTV-351 BitarWee et. Gender of Primary Character: Bretl and Cantor defined primary character as a character with the greatest amount of on-screen time. In this study, results favor an overall existence of gender discrimination with respect to primary character in television commercials, where males are found ADS PTV-351 dominant as shown in table 6.


Thus, it can be suggested that the gender role portrayal of primary character significantly varies for both the categories of advertised products food and non-food. Looking at the results, as stated above, H3 ADS PTV-351 being rejected.

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Our findings are, somehow, consistent with Childs and Maher who found greater gender preference for males in food advertisement with respect to main character portrayed in ADS PTV-351 commercials. The overall dominance of male as a primary character is also consistent with McArthur and Reskowho analyzed television commercials in USA. However, a later study in USA by Bretl and Cantor found both the genders equally portrayed as central characters.


In Pakistan, the social values may explain the male dominance in food advertisement that is expected to be a gender-neutral category. Table 6: Table 7: For studying the gender role portrayal in television advertisement, the coders were asked to identify which gender delivered end comment in selected commercials. Delivery of end comment was classified into four gender-based categories: Results Table 7 provided evidence that males dominate in delivering end comment, in both; the food and non-food advertisement. Our finding is consistent with that of Furnham and Bitar who studied British television advertisement, and, Neto and Pinto who studied ADS PTV-351 advertisement in Portugal. In this study, the relationship between product category being advertised i. Moreover, gender discrimination is found less in food advertisement as compared to non-food advertisement; hence, H4 is being supported.

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