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But this is no honor to any author, Stephenie Meyer, or any other. It's stolen material, characters, and plot. I don't understand why she felt just changing the names would somehow make her story more credible, or that their are actually people out there who admire her work.

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What work did she put into Samsung NP300V4A-A01US Intel Bluetooth She took the carefully laid plans and character bios from someone else, added a little salt and pepper, and put her name on it. Sorry, but I can't respect that. That's just the copying of the character bio's.


Page after page were scenes that were directly out of Twilight itself. The scene where Samsung NP300V4A-A01US Intel Bluetooth and Ana go out to eat and the waitress is "dazzled" by Christians looks and dumbfounded. After she walks away, Ana tells Christian that it's not fair that he has this effect on women and does he realize it" by an author to write your own story?

This author could have taken the characters and built on them from her own imagination. There is absolutely no reason she had to copy their bios and their traits to the extent that she did.

She could have easily had Christian and Ana be who they are, without all the added copying from Twilight to make this story her own. I don't often Samsung NP300V4A-A01US Intel Bluetooth a bad review about a book. Usually I can find some redeeming quality, but sadly I cannot with these books. I started reading the first book and got to chapter 8 before realizing I'd read it before.

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I have been on the twilight fanfic sites for several years now. A lot of the stories use the names from twilight but they're human and not in character. Basically they just use the Samsung NP300V4A-A01US Intel Bluetooth so they can have an audience. It's a great way to start writing and get constructive criticism. There are some really awesome stories that I wouldn't mind seeing in print.


I prefer my stories to have a plot and character development. I read a lot of books love my kindle and all of the free kindle books I have gotten were better than this. This was a waste of money for me and a waste of time after realizing I had read it several years ago, I skimmed through the other two just to make sure. I saw the author, E J James, interviewed Samsung NP300V4A-A01US Intel Bluetooth a morning show. I became interested in reading the book, even though I don't usually care for trilogies. The book proved to be one of those you hate to put down.

I am defiantly looking forward to reading the next two books. This is the 1st book I have downloaded from Amazon to my Kindle. Free Download Samsung NPV4A-A01US Intel Bluetooth Driver for Windows 7 (Motherboard). CPU, Intel® Core™ i3 Processor M. Samsung NP300V4A-A01US Intel Bluetooth (GHz), GHz from a processor. Intel® HD Graphics b/g/n.

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