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Operations may differ from Sony NW-A27HN Audio Player explanation in situations such as during playback of music. If a function or setting can be done in more than one way, the simpler method is explained. You can transfer music while charging the battery. You can listen to your music as soon as the transfer has completed. Connect your Walkman to a computer. You can charge the battery by connecting your Walkman via a USB connection to a computer that is Sony NW-A27HN Audio Player on and running.


Import music to your computer and transfer the music to your Walkman. For Windows users Recommended: Install the latest version of Media Go, which is available on the Internet.


You can transfer music that you have imported from CDs or downloaded from online music services to your Walkman. You can transfer music by drag-and-drop directly from Windows Explorer to your Walkman. For Mac users Recommended: Install the latest version of Content Transfer, which is available on the Internet. You can transfer music and playlists that are managed with iTunes to your Walkman by an easy operation. You can transfer music by drag-and-drop directly from the Finder to your Walkman. Then simply select the music you want to listen to to start playback! Get to know more about various ways you can enjoy using the Walkman.

Enjoying music without distraction with the noise canceling function The noise canceling function can reduce unwanted ambient noise especially in a Sony NW-A27HN Audio Player such as an airplane, train or bus, allowing you to enjoy music at a low volume. Watching videos You can transfer videos from your computer to your Walkman and enjoy watching them on the Walkman. Viewing photos You can enjoy viewing photos stored on your Walkman while you are listening to music. You can also set a photo as the wallpaper of the Walkman.

Sony Walkman NW-A27HN - digital player

Listening to podcasts You can enjoy listening and watching podcast episodes that you downloaded to your computer on your Walkman. Press and hold to display the Home menu.

There is a tactile dot on Sony NW-A27HN Audio Player button to help you operate the buttons without looking. Sound will be impaired if the headphones are not connected properly. Press and hold to turn the screen off and enter standby mode. Slide the HOLD switch in the direction of the arrow to disable all operation buttons.

Sony Walkman NW-A27HN - High-Resolution Digital Music NWA27HNSM

Insert a microSD card until it Sony NW-A27HN Audio Player into place to increase the available memory of your Walkman. Built-in Bluetooth antenna Do not cover the antenna part with your hands or other object when a Bluetooth connection is active.


Doing so may interrupt the connection. Disconnect the Bluetooth connection to use wired headphones. Installing your Walkman in a peripheral device such as a cradle You may need to use an adaptor to install your Walkman in a peripheral device such as a cradle. In this case, use the adaptor Type A supplied with the device. While holding the headphone, twist and pull the earbud off. If the earbud slips and cannot be detached, wrap Sony NW-A27HN Audio Player in a soft Sony NW-A27HN Audio Player cloth. Attach the earbuds to the headphone. Attach the earbud firmly to the headphones to prevent it from detaching and remaining in your ear.

Hint If the earbuds become worn, purchase new earbuds. If the earbuds get dirty, remove the earbuds from the headphones and hand-wash them with neutral detergent. After washing, drain off the water and reattach them. Using the clip may reduce Sony NW-A27HN Audio Player from the cord rubbing against your clothes. Slide the switch Press any button. Hint If there is no operation, the screen will be turned off. Walkman® with High-Resolution Audio The Playback Order Resets During Shuffle Playback · Useful Information about Walkman Players. View All. Bluetooth® MP3 player from Sony.

The NW-A20 Series puts you at the heart of the music you love. included only with A25HN, A26HN and A27HN models.

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